DR. Don Lincoln

What is a Higgs Boson?

What is Antimatter?

Higgs Boson: How do you search for it?

Higgs Boson: Latest Update

Scientific Searches' Statistics Explained

The Standard Model

Dark Energy Survey

What is Supersymmetry?

Why Supersymmetry?

Neutrinos: Nature's Ghosts?

Neutrinos: Nature's Identity Thieves?

Higgs Boson: The Inside Scoop

Big Questions: Missing Antimatter

Big Questions: The Ultimate Building Blocks of Matter

Big Questions: Dark Matter

Big Mysteries: Dark Energy

Big Mysteries: The Higgs Mass

Big Mysteries: Extra Dimensions

The Origins of Mass

Particle Detectors Subatomic Bomb Squad

The Big Bang Theory

Quantum Foam

Cosmic Inflation


GUTs and TOEs

LHC: The Large Hadron Collider

The LHC Experiments

Complex Dark Matter

Quark Gluon Plasma

Catching Collisions in the LHC

Gravitational Lensing

LHC Computing


Einstein's Clocks

What the heck is a Multiverse?

Do we live in a multiverse?

What good is particle physics?

Particle physics [teenager style]

The nature of matter

Quantum Field Theory

Quantum Gravity

Feynman diagrams

Quantum electrodynamics: theory

QED: experimental evidence

The physics of g-2

The Strong Nuclear Force

QCD: Quantum Chromodynamics

Quantum Color

Accelerator Science: Collider vs. Fixed Target

Accelerator Science: Luminosity vs. Energy

Accelerator Science: Proton vs. Electron

Accelerator Science: Circular vs. Linear

Higgs Boson 2016

Accelerator Science: Why RF?

Fermions and Bosons

Future Circular Colliders

Better particle accelerators with SRF technology

The Weak Nuclear Force: Through the looking glass

The Weak Nuclear Force: Quantum Chameleon

Why is the Weak Force weak?

Sterile neutrinos and seesaws

50 years of Fermilab

Types of Nuclear Radiation

Is radiation dangerous?

The Mandela Effect

Is relativistic mass real?

NOvA: Exploring Neutrino Mysteries


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2ª LEI DE NEWTON (Princípio fundamental da Dinâmica) - DINÂMICA - AULA 3 - Prof. Marcelo Boaro

Física - Leis de Newton: Conceito de força

Aula 71 Conceito de Força

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