The first university in Europe was established by Muslims in the year 841, in the city of Salermo (Italy). It was an extension of the Muslim universities in the east. Then the universities in Toledo, Seville, and Granada were opened. So when the students from Europe (The Non-Muslims) learned and graduated from these universities, and returned to their lands, they used to dress in the Arab/Muslim robes (Thawbor Qamees), they imitated the dress of the Muslims, and that would become an indication that this particular young man graduated from the university of the Muslims. This imitation of wearing this Arab/Muslim garb (which is baggy and wide in its design) has stayed with them (They dress in it when they graduate from the University).

Jack Goody in his book titled * Islam in Europe* says: *They Arabic clothing (Thawb) has remained as the purest and clearest sign of scholastic integrity up to this day of ours, especially during scholastic events such as the debating of university thesis, and graduations.*

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